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The first step is to get to know you better through a consultation so we can determine together how to best meet your organization’s needs and design a specific strategy.

Developing a plan:

This first consultation will allow us to determine:

  1. The strategic placement of the hardware in your venue to maximize the number of viewers that will look at your screens.
  2. The right media mix for your organization (mix of videos, graphics, RSS feeds, images, etc.).
  3. Our plan outlines the hardware, software, services, and timeline to deliver a high-quality system


Digital Communication requires a unique approach to developing media content. Whether it’s information, education or advertising, content is often the most critical factor in the success of a network. Digital Communication should be appealing, engaging and relevant to your clients and very often, a call to action.


Our certified professionals will install, service, and support your installation at NO additional cost.

If anything happens to the equipment, we’ll quickly fix it or replace it. You can count on us!

Because, we are responsible for the installation, we are committed to providing you with the best service and the best support. You will have direct contact with our technicians at anytime through phone or email.

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